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Saweetie and Quavo Dramatically Unfollow Each Other As Saweetie Says She Doesn't Like Liars

The hip hop 'couple', Saweetie (Diamonté Harper) and Quavo (Quavious Marshall), have raised dust in the social media space after both of them unfollowed one another on Instagram.

The duo, Saweetie being 27 years and Quavo being 29, began their dating journey since 2018. The pair's romance began on Instagram in 2018 when he DM-ed her a snowflake emoji referencing her 2017 hit, ICY GRL.

It seems Saweetie was the first to ‘dump’ Quavo on Instagram. When eagle-eyed fans spotted that Saweetie had unfollowed Quavo, he then returned the favour.

Saweetie, in an interview which she was involved in some time later, was heard saying that she disliked liars (in her words: 'I don't like liars'); though she refused to confirm who she was referring to. Probably that was a hint that their relationship was over.

During an interview with Justin LaBoy on the 'Respectfully Justin' YouTube channel, Saweetie was asked about the most disrespectful thing a man had done to her. She responded:

'I think it's lying. It's the principle, I don't like liars.'


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